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   Classes are in session at our new location within the 3D Arts Building. Come check us out!

Bucks County Community College is a two-year institution that currently offers three glass courses. These courses include glassblowing, intermediate glassblowing, and architectural stained glass windows.

  •     Glassblowing (ARTS147) teaches basic studio techniques of forming molten glass through the use of various tools, equipment, and processes. The student is taught the technical skills required for the production of glass objectives in addition to the aesthetic sensitivity needed for the material. Studio procedures including maintenance, safety, and construction are also covered.     2 credits/ 3 billable credits

  •     Intermediate Glassblowing (ARTS148) is an advanced course in the forming of molten glass through the use of various tools, equipment, and processes. Students in this class are expected to have basic knowledge of studio operation and glassblowing techniques. (prerequisite :ARTS147)      2 credits / 3 billable credits 

  •    Architectural Stained Glass Windows (ARTS149) teaches an introduction to the techniques used in the production of architectural stained glass windows. Students learn the necessary skills by working on actual windows. The traditional techniques of cartooning, patterning making, color selection, cutting, glass decoration, and installation help students see architectural stained glass windows as engineering and design marvels.     2 credits/ 3 billable credits

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These classes are 
held in the
3D Arts Building!

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