Bucks County Community College


Intermediate Glassblowing


Class: ARTS 148.                                Instructor: Karl Carter                         CarterK@bucks.edu

Office: Library 114                                                                                              Hours 9-5 M-F


i.          This course is specific to intermediate glassblowing techniques. Students will be introduced to advanced methods of manipulating hot glass with the blowpipe. Emphasis is on the glassblowing process utilizing the “team” concept. Class Hours are divided between lecture, demonstration of technique, and individual instruction on a rotating basis. Weekly discussions will take place to exchange ideas and information and to relate and solve problems encountered in working with hot glass.



Clean up, lab schedules and team assignments.




Safety discussion.  Skills review of glassblowing methods.  Labs start after this week.


Assignment: Four cylinders 2” dia. X 3” h.




Four cylinders due. Demonstration, Basic shapes; cylinder, sphere, cone, inverted cone, and plate.


Assignment: 5 basic shapes and draw 25 combination shapes.




Basic shapes due.  Demonstration on combining blown objects and stemware, “team concept.” Assignment: Do a combination piece or stemware




Combination assignment due.  Demonstration color techniques; color overlays shards, drawing with rods, threads, dots, lip wraps and optic molds


Assignment: Color techniques using more than one technique




Color design due. Discussion of final projects


Assignment: Glass series, 3 or more vessels with related elements.




Assignment: Research another artist’s work and explore their techniques.




Designs due for final project i.e. drawings or models




Continue final project




Work on final projects and sculptures




Project due.  !




Furnace off.  Cold working only last week of class








Group and individual critiques: All assignments and journal due for final grade.


ii.            Students’ work will be evaluated on an individual basis, according to his or her interpretation of glass and the related techniques covered in this session. Student co-operation regarding use and maintenance of the glass studio will also be taken into consideration before final grades are issued. Notebook, or student’s account of personal development, perceptions, and record of lab sessions will count for one-fourth of the final grade.


Class and lab attendance are mandatory as well as necessary in order to acquire the technical skill required to complete the assigned projects. If attendance becomes a problem, I will utilize the “teacher initiated withdraw” a department policy that states: “After three absences (before mid-semester), students will be eligible for teacher initiated withdrawal.”  Missing the Final critique will result in an automatic “F”.